Russian meat giants driving feed production up

17-05-2023 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Russia’s largest meat companies expanded feed production capacities in 2022 and are likely to keep scaling up operations in the coming years, according to research conducted by the Russian publication Agroinvestor.

Last year, Russia’s feed production reached 34.2 million tons last year, adding more than 6% to the previous year’s level. Russia has become the world’s 6th largest feed producer, moving one spot up in the global rank.

Similar to previous years, most additional capacities in 2022 were established by the top-25 largest market players. Last year, they manufactured 21.1 million tons of feed, 62% of the overall Russian production. In 2021, they accounted for 19.3 million tons of feed, which made up 60% of the country’s output.

Leaders stay ahead of the curve

The leading Russian meat companies expanded feed production in 2022. For instance, Cherkizovo saw its production grow by 16% compared to 2.4 million tons in the previous year. Agroinvestor said that that dynamic was fuelled by poultry and pork production growth.


In 2023, the company also plans to boost production due to the modernisation of the Russkoe Zerno and Zdorovaya Ferma, agricultural holdings Cherkizovo acquired last year. Cherkizovo expects to ramp up feed production to 3.2 million tons this year.


Agroinvestor estimated that Russia’s largest pork producer Miratorg expanded performance by 300,000 tons last year, also pushing it close to 2.4 million tons, though the company has yet to disclose concrete figures. On the other hand, Miratorg could have achieved even stronger growth in sales since, unlike Cherkizovo, it manufactures feed not only to meet internal demand but also for sale.

Eyeing feed independence

GAP Resource:

Last year, GAP Resource, another major Russian poultry manufacturer, saw its feed production surge from 250,000 tons to 1.65 million tons. The company said that at this level, the production fully meets the demand of its poultry farms.


Sibagro, a Siberian-based pork producer, also said it aimed at full self-sufficiency in feed. Last year, the company manufactured 1.1 million tons of feed, 4.6% up compared with the previous year. Sibagro also disclosed plans to start using one of its feed mills to manufacture cattle feed for sale.

Chareon Pokphand Foods:

Charoen Pokphand Foods was likely the biggest foreign feed producer in the Russian market. In 2022, the company was estimated to manufacture 1.1 million tons of feed, though Agroinvestor admitted that the company has yet to disclose any information about its performance last year.

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