A new year and a new role

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

I entered 2022 not only as the editor of All About Feed, but also as a new mother. A role for which you cannot study, train or gather experience and is the best and most challenging task ever.

I quickly learned that it is a process of trial an error that asks me to listen, observe and above all to trust my gut instincts. And the feeling when he smiles, there’s nothing like it!.

When I came back from my maternity leave, I noticed that my new skills as a mother can also come in handy as an editor. We all know by now that in the years to come, the agriculture sector has to undergo some changes to become more sustainable. A process of trial and error, that asks us to listen and work together. Through our media channels, All About Feed will also in 2022 continue to provide up to date content that will help in this transition. This requires me, also in the role of editor, to keep listening and observing what is happening in the feed industry. Thereby, trusting your gut, is always the best thing to do in my opinion, in any role.

During my leave, Emmy Koeleman, former editor of All About Feed, took over the role as editor. I would like to thank her for taking care of the magazines and I also like to express my appreciation to my colleagues for taking on all other duties.

Looking forward to making this year a success again, as an editor and as a mother.

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