All About Feed at VIV Asia – seminars on agenda

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All About Feed at VIV Asia – seminars on agenda
Misset International Team at VIV Asia 2023

Thousands of industry professionals are in Thailand this week for the VIV Asia Exhibition. And All About Feed are among them. Come see us at booth 3080 in Hall 2.

Sister publications Poultry World and Pig Progress are also present and will host 3 seminars on Thursday the 9th March.

Registration is still open to participate in person or to watch it live online.

Poultry World: Gut Health – 9th March 11.00h (5am CET) – Jupiter 5

This seminar will focus on keeping the birds gut healthy, which means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. The veterinary, feed and management aspects of nurturing the birds from the time they hatch until they are well settled in the broiler house are put central. The seminars will provide participants with the latest insights in knowledge of the inner workings of the gut and the effects of management- and nutritional interventions.
View Poultry World seminar – Gut Health – live

Pig Progress: Antibiotic Reduction seminar – 9th March 12:00h (6am CET) – Jupiter 9

All around the globe, the pig industry is embracing the theme of antibiotic reduction. Countries in Asia are all doing their best to get a grip on producing pigs without antibiotics as much as possible, without losing performance. This seminar aims to address the topic of antibiotic reduction and will share some fresh ideas how to achieve great performance whilst reducing the level of antibiotic usage.
View live Pig Progress seminar – Antibiotic Reduction – live

Gut Health Seminar – 9th March 13:00h (7am CET) – Jupiter 5

The theme “Gut Health” has only grown in importance in recent years. Knowing what is happening inside the pigs’ gastro-intestinal tract has become a truly hot topic for the swine industry. Worldwide, the usage of growth-promoting antibiotics is being discouraged, followed by increasing debate on the use of high-level amounts of zinc oxide. At the same time, gut health problems continue to exist. More than ever, therefore, knowledge is needed how to better prepare and help the pigs get through weaning smoothly – and beyond. This seminar at VIV Asia in Bangkok will address various lines of thought and present strategies.

View Pig Progress seminar – Gut Health – live

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
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