Animal nutrition company Devenish expands in Mexico

19-01-2022 | |
Devenish’s new production facility in Mexico. Photo: Devenish
Devenish’s new production facility in Mexico. Photo: Devenish

Devenish in Northern Ireland has expanded its global operations again by opening a new manufacturing facility in Hermosillo in Mexico.

The Belfast-based animal nutrition company says this expansion is the next step in its strategic growth plans. Already present in Mexico Devenish says the new location will host the company’s Mexico corporate headquarters, and a 2-line premix production system.

The facility is fully operational and gives Devenish a permanent headquarters for growing its administrative and operations teams, and to better serve its customers in the region.

It also provides local production capabilities which will allow the company to increase its service and product offerings to current and future customers.

Dr Manuel De La Llata, director of Devenish Mexico, said: “We pride ourselves by working directly with producers to identify solutions to their challenges by utilising our collective nutrition expertise, our global network of research facilities and helping to ensure we offer a robust, quality focused and sustainable supply chain system through our manufacturing facilities.

Local presence in Mexico

“Our new facility reinforces once again, Devenish’s commitment to establish a local presence in Mexico that gives our people the confidence and support to sustain our growth within the country,” he added.

Beginnings in Mexico

Devenish first entered the Mexico market in 2014 with sales supported by its United States operations. Since then, the company has grown its presence in the region by investing in people and facilities that can support Mexico’s customers’ needs directly.

In 2016, Devenish opened an office and distribution centre in Queretaro, Mexico to streamline the supply of goods to its clients.

In 2019, it commissioned a pig research facility in Cuernavaca, Mexico in partnership with one of its customers. This research location allows the company to trial multiple technologies at a commercial scale, with the real-life conditions of the Mexico pig market and create solutions that are tailored to the local market.

Cory Penn, president of Devenish North America, said: “Mexico is a key strategic area of focus for our North American business unit.

“We’re incredibly excited to officially open our new facility in Hermosillo, and Devenish looks forward to many future investments to further support our commitment in Mexico.”

Chris McCullough Freelance multi-media journalist
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