Countdown to the first All About Feed Forum

Marieke Ploegmakers Editor: All About Feed
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

The countdown has started, the first edition of the Virtual All About Feed Forum will go live upcoming Thursday the 27th of May.

With this new digital event we will bring together experts from the feed industry to share knowledge and network. We all miss the physical meeting of each other at exhibitions and conferences where we can discuss the developments in the feed industry. I hope this will be possible again soon.

To be sure we keep updated and are able to share knowledge also during the pandemic, we created this new virtual All About Feed event. I am very excited that we can offer you a comprehensive program, presented via an easily accessible digital platform.

The platform

The platform offers 5 different stages, 2 conference rooms, an exhibition floor, an innovation cinema and not to forget an networking bar. The conference program is divided over 2 stages:

  1. The Feed stage, where you can attend presentations on important topics in the feed industry, such as circularity, mycotoxins, feed safety, new proteins and feed processing.
  2. The livestock stage, the presenters will go more into detail about feed for different livestock animals.

Or, my suggestion would be, register, that gives you access to the digital platform right away. Even before the start of the event you can already have a look at the different stages and compose youR own program for the 27th.

You can register here…

Create your own badge and leave your card

After registration it is also possible to create your own badge with contact details. When you visit one of the booths at the exhibition floor its is possible to call with one of the staff members of that company or leave your business card.

Start your own group meeting at our virtual bar

And lastly, on live events it is one of the most popular areas, the networking bar. Unfortunately we cannot offer you a drink in our digital bar but nevertheless you contact other participants and have a chat and even start a group meeting on a certain topic.

I’m really looking forward to hosting this new feed event and I would like to invite you to join us to make it a fun and informative day. See you at the feed stage or for a virtual drink in the bar.