Intelligent Control Systems to reduce feed mill carbon footprint

20-07-2023 | |
Photo: Canva
Photo: Canva

Moves to make the UK’s nutritional supplement manufacturer to the animal feed industry more sustainable have been introduced in a bid to reduce its carbon footprint.

UFAC-UK has completed a significant upgrade to its UK mill site at Woolfox, Rutland, enhancing production efficiencies, to create a new, bespoke manufacturing software system and advanced liquid holding facilities.

The 18-month update, which also increases the capacity of the plant, will help meet the growing demand for UFAC-UK’s energy, protein and Omega 3 nutritional solutions, as well as providing enhanced capacity for new product development.

With the upgrades to our UK production facility, we are perfectly positioned to meet growing UK and international demand, but also further invest in the research and product development that has been the cornerstone of the business success. All of this is achieved while we are also improving efficiencies, sustainability and environmental credentials.

Robert Jones, UFAC-UK managing director

Commenting on the work, Richard Jones, UFAC-UK commercial manager, said: “The main focus of all our upgrades has been based around sustainability and efficiency, covering everything from the installation of the new storage tanks and IT system, right down to our new recycled polymer bags and reduced timber pallets on our packaging and distribution channels.

“The new IT system had had a significant improvement on the flexibility and efficiency of operation, regulating when machines are required to be in operation and therefore reducing overall operation time when lines are not required for specific runs.”

About 40% of everything produced at the Rutland plant is exported into Europe and across global markets with UFAC-UK operating in 25 countries.

Tony McDougal Freelance Journalist