Seara invests to increase its feed production by 1 mln/t per year

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Photo: JBS
Photo: JBS

JBS announced, last December, an investment of R$ 570 million (around €106 million) to build 3 feed factories in the southern region of Brazil.

These units will meet Seara‘s demand on poultry and pork production among the states of Santa Catarina, Paraná, and Rio Grande do Sul. The plants will be located in the cities of Seberi, Santo Inácio, and Itaiópolis.

According to the company, the facories allow an increase of more than 1 million tonnes/year of feed and will generate more than 300 jobs.

Feed and premixes

With an investment of R$145 million (€26.97 million), the new Santo Inácio plant, in Paraná state, occupies a built area of 11.300 m² and enabled the creation of 80 new jobs.

With this, Seara will have the necessary inputs to feed the processing capacity in the Paraná cities of Rolândia, Santo Inácio and Jaguapitã.

The investment of R$194 million (€36.08 million) in Itaiópolis, in Santa Catarina, aimed a complex with 2 factories with 13.800 m² of built area.

Poultry feed

One unit focus the production of feed. Scheduled for delivery in March 2024, it will supply more than 200 integrated farmers over 300 poultry farms in the region.

Premix factory

The second is the premix factory, an essential product for the nutritional quality of the feed. It is an input that concentrates all the vitamins and minerals necessary for animal nutrition.

The investment will allow Seara to prioritise the premix offer, which currently comes from third-party suppliers. The installation will meet 100% of the demand of the business. In total, 120 new jobs will be created at the 2 plants.

Reduce logistic costs

For the third of them, in Seberi, the company will invest R$ 230 million (€42.78 million). The factory generated up to 110 direct work roles and is strategic, as it can optimise deliveries, reduce logistics costs, and encourage supplier loyalty.

Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil
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