On May 27 2021 the first ever Virtual All About Feed Forum took place. A line-up of noteworthy experts from the feed industry presented their insights on various topics. All presentations of the conference program are now available to re-watch. Missed a presentation? or would like to watch it again?  All videos of the presentations are available here.

MycotoxinsJulia Laurain, Olmix
From low to high contamination, simple to complex mycotoxins
Feed processingHans Boonen, Van Aarsen
Success Factors in Feed production
Gut health Dr John Htoo, Evonik
Holistic approach to enhance gut health, immune status and growth of young pigs
Feed safety – Kobe Lannoo, Agrimprove
When feed safety and farm profitability go hand in hand
Gut Health – Alexander Hintz, Novus
The pig gut function: protect, utilize and host
Fatty acids – Jeroen van Dorp, Chaincraft
A novel fatty acid additive from upcycled food residues
Gut Health -Dr Nadia Yacoubi, Evonnik
Key challenges in broiler gut health
Mycotoxins – Dr. Elliot Block, Arm Hammer
Does it matter if you feeds have mycotoxins?
Poulty Health – Lisa Williams, Phileo by Lesaffre
Reduction of salmonella prevalence in poultry
Antibiotic reduction – Ellen Damen Framelco
Feed additives and their relation with antibiotics
Gut Health – Burak Sarpel, Perstorp
Gut wealth is not having to think about gut health
Young animal nutrition – Luiz Waldemar De Oliveira Souza, Adisseo
Performance starts with milk
Feed safety – Veronique Lemmering E.F.S. Holland
Decontamination on Location: EFS01
Antibiotic reduction – Ceiwen Evans, Danisco nutrition
Practical examples of antibiotic free management
New proteins – Dr Aman Paul, IPIFF
The contribution of the EU insect sector to the Green Deal objectives
Feed regulations – Constance Cullman, president AFIA
Washington DC: Current state of play
Circularity – Hannah van Zanten Wageningen University & Research
The role of animals in circular food systems
Mycotoxins – Regiane Santos, Schothorst Feed Research
Transmission of fusarium mycotoxins via colostrum and milk
Circularity – Sonja de Vries Wagenigen University & Research
Future-proof animal nutrition within the changing food system
Feed Safety – Vincent ter Beek editor Pig Progress
African Swine Fever: the connection with the feed industry
Dairy nutrition – Fernando Diaz Dellait
Protein and amino acid nutrition in dairy cows
Antibiotic reduction – Woulter van Hofstraeten Schothorst feed research
Poultry feed formulation in an antibiotic free era