Rewatch our webinar on “Improving gut resilience and productivity through fibre fermentation” by AB Vista which was hosted on March 22 15:00 CET below.

In a special webinar, ‘improving gut resilience and productivity through fibre fermentation’, broadcasted on Monday, March 22 at 3pm Central European Time, we took a closer look at fiber and learned how to optimize fiber inclusion in animal diets for performance benefits. We explored the benefits of modulating the microbiome and how to utilise enhanced fibre fermentation. We also offered practical advice for evaluating dietary fibre in finished feed and raw material. This webinar is brought to you by our partner AB Vista.


Xaviere Rousseau
Global Technical Support Manager at AB Vista
    Xavière Rousseau is Global technical support manager in AB Vista based in France. She joined the company 8 years ago after completing her PhD work on minerals optimisation in poultry and swine with INRA (France) and Agriculture Canada. During this time, she acquired extensive knowledge on animal physiology and on the interactions between calcium, phosphorus and animal physiology before joining the AB Vista team where she has developed her expertise on enzymes and how-to bring enzymes value to reach the different production objectives. Her latest area of interest is looking at the dietary fibre fraction and how to better characterize this substrate by looking at the tools to analyse and the different strategies to optimize their use for the benefit of monogastrics nutritionists.
Laura Marriman
Swine Technical Service Manager at AB Vista NAM
    Laura Merriman provides technical support to the swine industry in North America. Laura is an alumni of the University of Illinois and Illinois State University where her dissertation work focused on factors affecting the digestibility of calcium in diets fed to pigs, and thesis project focused on benefits of fermented soybean meal or phytase on the digestibility of phosphorus. Laura has been with AB Vista for approximately three years. In her current role providing swine technical support, Laura works with customers to optimize animal performance. One area that has not historically been well understood in the monogastric area is the fiber composition of the diets and ingredients. Laura has been working with customers to understand the dietary fiber levels in their ingredients, using AB Vista’s NIR technology, to help optimize fiber inclusion for performance benefits.
Dr Jae Cheol Kim
Technical Manager at AB Vista Asia
    Dr Kim has over 20 years’ experience in swine nutrition research, development and extension. He completed his Master’s degree in swine nutrition from Massey University, New Zealand and PhD from Murdoch University, Australia. Before joining AB Vista, he worked as a swine research scientist at the Department of Agriculture and Food, Government of Western Australia. He also worked as an Adjunct Associate Professor at the School of Veterinary and Life Science, Murdoch University, Australia. Dr Kim’s primary research interests include the roles of fibre, functional amino acids and micronutrients to maintain intestinal health without in-feed antimicrobials and the roles of nutrition to reduce the stress response to improve the production efficiency of pigs in the commercial environment.
Marieke Ploegmakers
Host and editor for All About Feed