Attend our webinar on “Antibiotic Reduction” which will be hosted on October 13 at 15:00 CET below.


Moving away from antibiotics can be challenging and requires a new way of thinking; adapting new feeding practices and putting more effort into animal health. The focus on diet formulation with the use of certain feed additives and the development of a healthy gut have become almost the most important part of animal production. With the withdrawal of large amounts of antibiotics, exactly when animals require extra care becomes more apparent.

In this webinar, experts from the feed industry will focus on how to achieve healthier animals through nutrition management with focus on using no antibiotics.


Albert van Dijk, PhD

Senior Consultant Swine Nutrition Schothorst Feed Research

Presentation title:

Antibiotic reduction in pigs and poultry by nutritional means

  • Intestinal health problems in pigs and poultry diarrhoea and wet litter can be prevented by nutritional means.
  • By taking these nutritional measures, antibiotic use can be reduced.
  • The main nutritional measures will be presented:
  • Reduction of the crude protein level in the diet
  • Applying the optimal level of fermentable- and inert fibres in the diet, taking into account particle size distribution
  • Reduction of the buffering capacity in the diet of pigs
  • Prevent high viscosity in the diet in poultry
  • A good prevention program for coccidiosis in poultry, using coccidiostats or vaccines

Kristin Weel Sundby

Technical Application Manager at Borregaard

Presentation title:

Antibiotic reduction: the key is lignosulfonic acid

  • Background: organic acids have been accepted as one of the solutions for AGP reduction, but their use comes with some challenges
  • A patented technology combines lignosulfonic acid with organic acids:
  • What is lignosulfonic acid?
  • Benefits offered by this patented technology, on:
  • Bacterial control/prevention
  • Sustainability – reduced CO2 footprint
  • Safety and handling

Sasha van der Klein, PhD

Scientist at IFF

Presentation title:

Practical strategies to support gut health

  • The diversity of challenges requires a variety of strategies
  • How implementing a holistic approach can help you improve and maintain performance in challenging conditions


Liza Bruggeling

Host at All About Feed