Attend our free webinar on ‘Antibiotic Reduction‘ which will be hosted on October 19 at 15:00 CEST below.

These days it is far from common to apply large amounts of antibiotics in livestock production for prophylactic reasons. The international trend is even to also bring the use of curative antibiotics as far down as possible. That doesn’t mean, however, that animals don’t get sick anymore. On the contrary, with the withdrawal of large amounts of antibiotics, it becomes extra clear in what situations the animals require a bit of extra care. In a special webinar themed “Antibiotic Reduction,” All About Feed will explore various ways in which livestock can be helped so they manage to grow healthily without the usage of antibiotics.”


Global poultry manager at Phileo

Title of the presentation:

Solutions for better results with less antibiotics

After a quick presentation of the situation about ATB resistance, I will explain what can be done to reduce the risks of introduction of pathogens in the farms. I will finish with the presentation of Phileo solutions based on postbiotics and probiotics which can help reduce the use of ATB.

Virginie Blanvillain Rivera, PhD

Global Services Manager at AB Vista

Title of the presentation:

Making sense of gut health markers in monogastrics

AB Vista

The presentation will focus on tools and new applications to evaluate and understand the impact of feeding and management strategies on animals’ robustness and resilience when facing challenges under commercial reality. Field data will be shared to demonstrate biomarkers which are relevant to measure the gut health status in piglets and broilers, and to explain how the data can be used further to help producers make informed decisions which would support reduction in antibiotic use.

Liza Bruggeling

Host All About Feed