Attend and watch our webinar on “Mycotoxins” on April 15 15:00 CET below.

Climate change and extreme weather events are factors that influence mycotoxin prevalence around the globe for the last years. Mycotoxin contamination of grains causes economic losses and has negative consequences for the health of all livestock. Mycotoxin management, therefore, has the utmost priority for animal producers. In this webinar, broadcasted Thursday April 15, at 15:00 CET We will discuss the toxicology of mycotoxins in farm animals and the different strategies for mycotoxin prevention and elimination.


Josep Garcia-Sirera,
Product Manager Toxin Solutions at Agrimprove

“Effectively disabling mycotoxins. Zearaleone, a case study”.

  • Understanding the toxicology of mycotoxins in farm animals.
  • How to test an effective toxin solution: in vitro vs in vivo.
  • Converting the research into a commercial solution for farmers.

Astrid Koppenol,
Product developer at

“How do mycotoxins impair gut barrier functioning with altered immune response as a consequence”.

  • What is the effect of mycotoxin intake on animal health
  • Biomarkers as diagnostic tools
  • Effect on gut barrier functioning
  • Altered immune response


Marieke Ploegmakers,
Editor for All About Feed

Regiane R Santos, DVM, PhD,
Researcher at
Schothorst Feed Research

Susceptibility of broiler chickens to deoxynivalenol exposure via artificial or natural dietary contamination

  • Effects of artificial and natural contamination on broiler chickens
  • Intestinal and liver damage caused by deoxynivalenol
  • Serum markers and gene expression