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AllAboutFeed launches second Chinese edition

RBI Agri, publisher of World Poultry, AllAboutFeed and Pig Progress has published a second edition in Chinese, called ‘World of Agriculture’. It is full of hands-on articles and information, written in Chinese and destined for Chinese farmers.

The whopping 80 page issue deals with current problems and innovative solutions from all over the world that could help the fast-growing Chinese industry move forward. The magazine has been built up around several animal species, e.g. pigs, dairy cows, aqua and poultry.

The issue also looks at Orange Pig and Orange Poultry, a Dutch organisation which supports the development of the Chinese pork and poultry industries by building bridges between producers in search for innovative solutions and companies who can offer integrated products.

The Chinese issue shall be handed out at the upcoming edition of the China Animal Husbandry Expo, in Chongqing, China, from 18-20 May, 2015.

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  • orphan alpha hachinene

    Where is that what will address problems for the African farmer?Even when one has come up with some innovation,there is no one to share the info with.Please help.

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