Compound feed

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Your feed additive choice can change the world!

Delacon presented its greener solutions to support the increasing global clamor for a safe and sustainable animal production and human food chain at Eurotier (13-16 November), Hanover, Germany.

In dialogue with nature
Phytogenic Feed Additives are based on proven and standardised mixtures of plant-origin substances, including herbs, spices, essential oils and related extracts. They are considered as natural growth promoters (NGPs) or non-antibiotic growth promoters. Phytogenic Feed Additives enhance digestive processes, improve gut health and increase nutrient digestibility, which promotes better animal performance. They are natural, non-toxic, residue free and ideal feed additives for animal when compared to synthetic antibiotics or inorganic chemicals which boosting its demand in the global market.

Environmentally responsible
From the very beginning, improved animal welfare, performance and feed efficiency while ensuring a high quality and sustainable food chain has been a main goal for the company. To promote non-antibiotic solutions in animal production and to present its latest findings in Life Cycle Assessment methodologies, databases and applications, Delacon joined “Alternatives to Antibiotics (ATA)” international symposium in Paris and “LCA FOOD 2012” Symposium in Saint-Malo, France in September 2012.

The key to managing the industry’s carbon footprint while continuing to supply the demand for meat likely lies in continued increases in efficiency. Transferring current research results into carbon dioxide equivalents reveals that these are also the core parameters to achieve a substantial carbon footprint reduction in animal production. Assuming all broilers and pigs in the world are fed Delacon products, up to 29 million tonnes CO2-equivalents per year could be eliminated from the environment. This equals the annual emissions of 2.9 million citizens of the European Union – a city the size of Madrid!


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