Compound feed

News last update:14 Jan 2016

British feed mill to use 100% green energy

A feed mill in Dorset (UK) is set to become the first in the country to be powered completely by renewable energy when a new £3.3m (€4.19m) biogas plant goes live next month.

Eco Sustainable Solutions will own and manage the Weltec anaerobic digester, which will generate 498 kWh of power for the Dorchester Feed Mill, which is owned by farmer co-op Mole Valley Farmers.

The plant, built on a 1 ha site at a former pig unit, will use around 15,000t of food waste a year from local council collections and commercial sources, alongside 6,000t of pig slurry, sourced from a single neighbouring farm via a pipeline.

Digestate from the plant will be sold back to two local farms under a long-term agreement.

In addition to the biogas plant, the feed mill will also be supplied with electricity from a 250 kW solar PV installation that went live on 1 March this year.


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