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Background last update:14 Jan 2016

Agrifirm and Agriterra confirm joint partnership

Agrifirm and Agriterra join forces in order to further strengthen their position in the market and transfer knowledge to Asia and Africa.

Agrifirm and Agriterra officially confirm their close partnership. Agriterra uses knowledge from Dutch agricultural organisations and the agricultural business sector to work on achieving economic progress in developing countries. Agrifirm is a specialist in enabling plants and animals achieve optimal performance. Agrifirm is going to transfer this knowledge to agricultural organisations and cooperatives in Africa and Asia via Agriterra.

Following an initial consulting assignment by Agrifirm employees at a dairy co-operative and compound feed company in Kenya, Agriterra and Agrifirm decided to intensify and formalise their partnership. Agriterra's projects typically involve livestock farming assignments and these projects are addressed by Agrifirm Feed, an Agrifirm subsidiary. The first project in 2013 was completed successfully. The goal is to complete four projects in 2014.
Agrifirm makes its knowledge in various areas, such as roughage, technology, nutrition, marketing/sales, HRM and management available to agricultural organisations and cooperatives in developing countries, via Agriterra.

In 2014, Agrifirm will have at least four employees carry out a consulting assignment for Agriterra and provide aftercare for its customers. If the experience continues to be positive, the number of assignments should grow in subsequent years.


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