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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Panel looks at global challenges for sustainable feed

CropWorld Global 2013, the annual agricultural industry event run by UBM Live, has announced the formation of its Steering & Advisory Committee which will seek to meet the challenges of working towards a sustainable agricultural production cycle – with initiatives across supply chain, crop protection, water and irrigation and other concerns that are seen as crucial to reducing waste and increasing productivity.

Members of the panel will be set the ambitious goals of identifying new ways to sustainably feed the world’s growing population. Featuring a mixture of prominent government and agency representatives, the Committee includes European MP Robert Sturdy; the British Crop Protection Council’s Dr. Colin Roscoe and Dr. Julian Smith, the Food and Environment Research Agency’s (FERA) sector leader in international development and food and supply chain.

The panel’s raison d'etre will see it harness the combined powers of industry and international agencies for a collaborative approach to the world’s pressing agricultural supply chain issues. “The forum it provides for the exchange of ideas greatly contributes to all of our efforts in finding solutions to the challenges facing global agriculture and food production” Committee member Pam Marrone (Founder and CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations)

Last month, CropWorld Global announced the launch of its ‘planting the seeds of innovation’ campaign designed to champion decreased wastage in the supply chain and increased production yields. In support of this, the internationally recognised Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International (CABI) has sent their expert to join the steering committee - Dr. Philippa David, Food supply chain and Senior Business Development Consultant.

The Committee is represented by some of the world’s biggest agricultural companies who will lend their weight to increasing innovation across the globe. Together with the European MP, FERA, Marrone Bio Innovations and the BCPC, other members include:
•        Dr David Nicolson, Head of Global R&D and Member of the Executive Committee, Bayer CropScience
•        Dr Maximilian Safarpour, Director Global Regulatory and Government Affairs, BASF
•        David McPherson, Head of Chemistry and Field Trials, Charles River (CRO)
•        Graham Redman, Partner, The Anderson Centre
•        Sam Haider, VP of international Sales, Lindsay Irrigation
•        Dr Ernesto Brovelli, Senior Manager, Sustainable Agriculture Environment and Water Resources, Coca-Cola


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