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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukrainian and German firms join in feed plant project

A large feed and premixes plant was opened this week in central Ukraine, the project is a joint venture between Inbel, a Ukrainian company, and BDW, a German based company.

The total investment for the project amounted to UAH136 mln (US$16.4mln). The capacity of the new plant will be 36,000 tonnes per year. Of the premixes produced, 60% will meet the current needs of Ukraine animal farming, with the remaining 40% being exported, according to the representatives of the project.

President Viktor Yanukovych attended the opening. "Today we are opening a plant in an open field with a clean slate. Ukraine is interested in creating such enterprises, including through [private] investment and investors, especially since agriculture is a priority sector of the economy of the state. Capacity and output of this plant comply with the latest requirements of the international standards. This is one of best plants built in recent years in Europe and the first of its kind in the territory of Ukraine."

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