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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Keenan launch new dairy nutrition support service

Beef and dairy farmers can now monitor performance and get advice on precision feeding and improving feed conversion efficiency (FCE) by subscribing to a new support service.

Customers with a Keenan PACE Connect weigh box can pay an annual fee to include the inTouch service. Farmers can then upload feed data automatically to their account when they turn on the weigh box each morning.

They can also add production and financial data to their account which is held in the cloud (remotely) and can be accessed by either by Keenan nutritionists or their own independent consultant for monitoring.

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It is hoped the system will help farmers work more collaboratively with industry experts to improve margins.

Conan Condon, inTouch operations manager, explained how customers opting for the interactive package get additional support from Keenan computer software and their nutritionists. Software analyses the data, identifies any issues and scores them according to their severity. Once a pre-set score is reached, a nutritionist will call the customer to give advice.

"The call gives the customer peace of mind. The instant contact allows us to make sure the farmer is always progressing and going on the right track," said Mr Condon.

The software also produces a summary sheet showing feed conversion efficiency, dry matter intake and ingredients fed, along with any raised issues and their score.

Benefits of the service include a 10% increase in FCE in the first year with the aim of maintaining consistency and preventing production drop off in future. "The service is definitely worth [additional] 3-4p/litre or a reduction in beef finishing times when all components are used together," added Mr Condon.

The annual subscription costs start from £450 (€548) plus VAT for farmers working with independent nutritionists, or £900 (€1095) plus VAT for the interactive package, including Keenan nutritionist support.

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