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FEFAC congress to focus on societal acceptance feed

The European Compound Feed Manufacturers’ Federation (FEFAC) and TURKIYEMBIR, representing the Turkish feed industry, invite members and EU feed chain partners to the XXVII FEFAC Congress in Antalya, 21–22 April 2016.

Themed 'Societal acceptance of livestock and feed production in the EU', the conference responds to the European Commission's Circular Economy Package released in December 2015, which provides a new holistic policy approach to a more resource-efficient food and feed chain management respecting both food and feed safety and environmental objectives.

Role of feed in the circular economy

In the first session, speakers from DG SANTE and EFSA will share their outlook on creating a 'win-win' situation for both European Consumers and operators in the EU feed and food chain, paving the way for increased societal acceptance of modern sustainable feed and livestock production systems, based on the Circular economy approach, taking on board latest risk assessments at global and EU level on alternative feed ingredients, which could pave the way. FEFAC experts, national regulators and key food chain partners will discuss their views and respective expectations and demands as regards the role of feed production in the circular economy.

New LCA tools

In the wake of the COP21 agreement and its ambitious Climate Change targets, Michele Galatola from DG ENVI, Pascal Gréverath from Nestlé, Nick Major from ForFarmers and Thomas Kaufmann from EVONIK will discuss the new LCA tools that allow for the measurement of the environmental footprint of feed production and its impact on developing effective GHG emission mitigation strategies for livestock production. In the final session, on the sourcing of responsible feed ingredients, FEFAC shows that it looks beyond the manufacturing sites of feed producers and has invested in building responsible supply chains. Maria Pilu Giraudo from AAPRESID, Argentina, Carlo Lovatelli from ABIOVE, Brazil, and Brent Babb from USSEC, US, will showcase their efforts in the field of supplying responsible soy to the EU feed industry.

FEFAC's Congress will be held in conjunction with the 5th Global Feed and Food Congress, co-hosted by IFIF, FEFAC and TURKIYEMBIR, in cooperation with FAO, 18–20 April 2016.

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