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Drinker next to feeder benefits feed intake

Experiments found that placing drinkers near feeders doubles the feed intake of pigs.

Farmers Weekly’s reporter Rhian Price reports that a UK experiment monitored the feeding habits 24-7 across 6 batches of pigs (420 in total) using Farmex data loggers, which have been fitted as standard to all new ARM pig buildings since 2009.

Photo: Mark Pasveer
Photo: Mark Pasveer

Observations of reports and feed and water consumption trends revealed on one farm, up to twice as much feed was being consumed from one feed compared with another identical one. The only noticeable difference between the 2 was the 1 with high intakes was positioned next to drinkers.

The position of feeders in pig houses is often determined by the delivery auger and sometimes the water-line dictates where the drinkers are fixed. However, the research suggests the industry should have a new look at this aspect of pen design.

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[Source: Farmers Weekly]


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