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Alltech again gets EU ok for feed additive in ruminants

Alltech has once again gained EU Commission approval for its feed additive Yea-Sacc®, the product which launched the company nearly 35 years ago.

The Commission's authorisation of Yea-Sacc, for use in ruminant diets for a further ten years, is based on new trials submitted by Alltech that demonstrate the consistency of the products results, yet to be matched in the marketplace. Yea-Sacc was first developed by Dr Pearse Lyons, Alltech founder and president, and is a live preparation of a strain of brewer's yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Yea-Sacc works by stimulating the activity of beneficial rumen bacteria and stabilising the rumen environment. This produces improvements in dry matter intake and fibre digestion, resulting in production benefits in terms of yield and growth rates.

Alltech takes pride in the fact that the Yea-Sacc renewal authorisation provides exact and consistent messaging to producers regarding usage rates, the rate used in all the new trial submissions remains unchanged and consistent with previous authorisations and recommendations. The extension for use also included provision for stability of use in pelleting diets at both 60°and 70°C.


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