News last update:14 Jan 2016

Agravis Group grows in core business

With the successful integration of the Spanish Invesa Group the German animal feed maker Agravis has set another milestone in their core business of ‘animals’.

“Especially the segment of veterinary-pharmaceutical feed specialties, hygiene and health products as well as animal drugs will internationally further grow,” said Agravis president Dr Clemens Grosse Frie. “That is why the successful integration of Invesa an important step for us.”

Agravis rests on three pillars: compound feeds, special feeds and animal health products and continuously strengthen these sectors.

Since 2010 Agravis’ subsidiary Animedica entered and expanded into the international animal health business and the integration of Invesa supports this strategy.

Invesa is based in Barcelona, Spain and has about 200 employees and exports its products to over 80 countries.

With a turnover of € 6.5 billion Agravis is the second largest agriculture service company of Germany. It employs around 5.300 people in six fields of service: animals, plants, techniques, farmers’ service, markets and energy.

With 1.5 million tonnes of pig feed the cooperative is the largest producer of pig feed in Germany.

Agravis introduced three new concepts to customers and other visitors at EuroTier:

  • Desintec SoftCell, a litter product based on lignocelluloses and herbal extracts for broiler houses. The litter remains dryer and broilers were found to have fewer footpad lesions.
  • CombiMilk Cellulin, a product that increase health of young calves. It contains a high level of omega-3 fatty acids.
  • OlymPig Verro, a feed specially designed for fattening boars, an issue that is getting increased attention now castrations of boars is under discussion.


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