News last update:14 Jan 2016

Miratorg to double compound feed supply to open market

Agricultural holding Miratorg, one of Russia's largest meat producer’s plans to double its supply of compound feed production to the open market in 2014 to 207,000 tonnes, according to the company’s head.

The capacity of Miratorg's four feed mills is currently 1.46 million tonnes of feed per year and the capacity of grain storage facilities is 575,000 tonnes. The planned production volume of feed in 2013 is 1.12 million tonnes, which will fully meet the needs of all the pigs (2.7 million head) and poultry (500,000 heads) belonging to the agricultural holdings, leaving up to 93,000 tonnes available to place on the open market, said Dmitry Orlenko, the head of the Feed Production Department of the company.

According to Orlenko the main strategic objective of Miratorga is to cover of the company's own feed needs in full, taking into account the planned increase in the number of animals. "At the same time, the high efficiency of the company's plants and well-honed process chain provides sufficient power reserves to increase supplies to the open market, where we see a growing demand for good quality feed production," - he added.

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