News last update:14 Jan 2016

Miratorg to boost feed production at Ivnyansky feed mill

Miratorg, the largest feed and pork producer in Russia, has announced its intention to increase production capacities at its of Ivnyansky feed mill – a part of the subsidiary company BelKom.

"Miratorg has increased its investments in Ivnyansky feed mill of BelKom by 44% to RUB548 million (US$12 million) for the expansion of capacity of the plant to 400,000 tonnes per year," said the company's report.

The project to increase capacity of the plant includes the reconstruction of grain storage facilities and the launching of a third line for feed granule production. As the result the production capacities of the mill will be boosted by 60%.

"The need to increase the production capacity of BelKom by 60% is connected, primarily, to the expansion of the pig breeding division of Miratorg in the Kursk Oblast," said the General Director of LLC BelKom, Sergei Larionov.

"Initially the project was to increase capacity to 340,000 tonnes with an investment of RUB380 million (US$8 million). The additional investments will go on the construction of the facilities for the production of feed granules, which will not only increase the annual production capacity to 400,000 tonnes, but also improve key characteristics of the product and improve efficiency of animals' feeding."

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