News last update:14 Jan 2016

More than 8% of German farmers want new feeding system

More than 8% of the dairy farmers in Germany wants to invest in a new feeding system. The majority ( 67.1% ) of this group prefers the pull-type mixer wagon.

This conclusion was drawn from a survey done by Dutch market research company AgriDirect among 20,000 dairy farmers in Germany.

Barely 14% prefers to buy a self-drive mixing wagon and 7.5% prefers the automatic system. The latter systems are especially popular among large dairy farms (over 200 cows). These companies are also the ones that are most ambitious when it comes to investments. Almost a third of these large dairy farms already work with the self-drive mixing wagon. For companies with 70 to 100 cows automatic feeding systems are topping the wish list.

According AgriDirect, more than 62% of the dairy farmers, with a herd of at least thirty cows, works with a mixer or an automatic feeding system. The pull-type mixers currently have a market share of nearly 87% and rising.

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