News last update:14 Jan 2016

Equipment company exports over 200 pig feeders to Japan

UK pig equipment company, Quality Equipment, has exported over £250,000 (€304,000) worth of high-tech exports to Japan. In the last two years more than 200 automatic feeders for young pigs have been delivered.

The last consignment followed a visit by Glyn Baker and Michael Mattmüller, of Quality Equipment, to their Japanese distributor, Global Pig Farms. Global Pig Farms had earlier purchased the Transition feeders and found they were so successful they started supplying them to other pig farmers.

The feeders were developed by Quality Equipment's own R & D department at their Woolpit manufacturing base. They have an intelligent control mechanism which helps newly-weaning young piglets make the transition from mother's milk to solid feed. Piglets are vulnerable at this stage and the feeders provide a warm gruel on a little-and-often basis, mimicking the sow's own feeding pattern.

The aim of the Japanese visit was to strengthen the relationship, get a better picture of Japanese requirements and provide technical back-up. "While UK pig farmers have strict legislation the Japanese have obstacles, particularly in relation to feed and water quality, which are frightening by comparison," commented Michael Mattmüller.


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