News last update:14 Jan 2016

Large feed premix factory to be launched in Russia

Megamix Company announced the construction of a large feed premix plant in the territory of Lipetsk Oblast, with the total investment reaching about RUB1 billion (US$30 million).

The company plans to finish the construction work by the end of the year, and believe that the average payback period will only be two years. According to official information from the management company, the largest part of equipment for operation of the plant will be supplied by the Dutch firm Ottevanger Milling Engineers.

The production capacity of the plant has not yet been announced. At the same time, according to the company's management, Megamix concluded an important contract for the supply of premixes with the largest producer of meat in Russia, Miratorg Agricultural Holding.

"We have previously agreed the supply of our products to the agricultural holding Miratorg, Belgorod experimental factory of fish fodder and Mikhailovsky feed mill" commented deputy general director of Megamix Igor Vishnevsky.

Miratorg Company is currently increasing production not only of pork, but also of other kinds of meat, and are looking to increase the supply of good quality feed mill products.

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