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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Vitfoss product X-Zelit wins innovation prize

Calcialiment/Vitfoss has received the innovation prize Sommet d’Or for the product X-Zelit.

X-Zelit is a product ensuring that the cow gets through calving successfully and receives a good start of the lactation period.

A number of reproductive sufferings such as milk fever, metritis and retained placenta are reduced and a higher milk yield is also achieved. The mode of action is unique and patented and Vitfoss is holding the patent for the product.

Sommet d’Or is an innovation prize that is awarded yearly at the agricultural fair Sommet de l’élevage in Clearmont-Ferrand in France.

Regarding cattle production, this fair is the most important in France with more than 80,000 visitors and 1,250 exhibitors.

In France the Vitfoss subsidiary Calcialiment is responsible for the sale of X-Zelit and its additional range of products.


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