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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Ukraine to increase corn sowing area in 2014

Ukraine will increase corn sowing acreage by 14.4%-18.8%, bringing the total area for sowing to 5.5-5.7 million ha, reported the government’s press-service.

According to the local media Unian, the government's statement said "Ukraine will increase sowing areas under corn by 14.6-18.8% in 2014. Our country may sow 5.5-5.7 million ha of corn next year against 4.8 million ha in 2013."

Based on current forecasts Ukraine is expected to take:

  • 6th position in the world's corn production (forecast - 26.5 million tonnes) for 2013/2014
  • 3rd for exports (forecast - 16.5 million tonnes),
  • 9th for wheat and its products (19.5 million tonnes) and
  • 6th for export of wheat and its products (8 million tonnes).

In 2009 Ukraine was ranked 10th in the world for corn production.

Agroindustrial experts have noted that Ukraine's corn sowings grew twofold since 2010 and its crop capacity threefold. In 2013, 4.795 million ha was used for corn sowing or 102% of the forecast.

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