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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Boost feed intake for piglets without animal protein

In two recent feeding trials done at Leuven University and University of Arkansas HP 800 Booster from Hamlet Protein has shown good results when fed to nursery piglets.

HP 800 Booster is a gentle soya-yeast supplement for piglet feed - developed specially to boost feed intake of chal­lenged piglets for faster, naturally healthy growth. HP 800 Booster is an ingredient for creep feed (Phase I) targeted at challenged piglets aged 2-5 weeks (4-10kg). It is available in both a GM- and a non-GM version.

Blood plasma and fishmeal are widely regarded as the best sources of protein for improving feed intake of weaned piglets. But their high price is a major drawback. A feeding trial at Leuven University in Belgium put HP800 Booster to the test as an alternative to blood plasma.

The findings have revealed similar performance and up to 15% feed cost savings when HP800 Booster is introduced to piglet diets. By the end of the trial, the piglets were also more uniform in weight.

Another feeding trial performed at the University of Arkansas, USA has confirmed that the addition of HP 800 Booster to piglet feed already containing blood plasma improves feed intake. This results in lower costs compared to more complex nursery diets with fishmeal, higher levels of plasma and a higher lactose content. Even when HP 800 Booster was no longer included in the diet, the study found that piglets fed the supplement at an earlier stage continued to gain more in weight.

Download the brochure on HP 800 Booster here.


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