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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Andres Pintaluba and Pathway Intermediates join forces

Andres Pintaluba and Pathway Intermediates are joining forces in developing the Lipidol range in Europe.

Andres Pintaluba and Pathway-Intermediates are pleased to announce that they will join forces for the development of the Lipidol range of products in Europe. Lipidol is based on a high concentration of functional Lysophospholipids obtained from soybean lecithin by the exclusive proprietary technology developed by the UK based company Pathway-Intermediates.

Lipidol has clear and proven advantages for animal nutrition as a powerful absorption accelerator. Lipidol is a key material of digestion that enhances the nutritional value of animal feeds connecting excreted energy and nutrients to the cell membrane, increasing the overall digestibility of nutrients.


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