Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Nano technology in animal feed

For decades there have been discussions on the use of zinc oxide in piglet feeds, but no consistence about its efficiency has been reached. However, in practice most farmers use zinc oxide in piglet feed to prevent diarrhea in young piglets. Thus ensuring minimum weight loss and general better performance.

One of the most commonly known disadvantages of using zinc oxide is that high dosage is needed for sufficient effects and as a result the high level of excretion in the environment.

Therefore Framelco has developed a new product: Fra ZN C4 Dry, a nano coated zinc oxide. The technique used to coat the zinc oxide is unique and consists of two parts:
1)    splitting up the product in nanoparticles and
2)    coat these nanoparticles.

The product obtained is a complete nanocoated zinc oxide, which has several advantages:
-    improved efficacy and efficiency,
-    lower dosage with improved results,
-    no interference with other ingredients
-    and last but not least: less environmental excretion.

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