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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Could specific probiotic improve colostrum quality?

Research shows that Lallemands live yeast strain can increase immunoglobulins in gestating ponies.The results were recently presented in France during the 41st equine veterinarians’ congress (AVEF), in Deauville. This study, titled: “Effect of a supplement rich in live yeast on IgG production in equine colostrum” (1) was conducted at a French equine clinic.

It showed that Lallemand's live yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae ss. boulardii CNCM-1079 supplementation in gestating ponies lead to an increase of both a) initial immunoglobins (IgG) level and b) IgG persistence in colostrum, translated into better immune quality. The evidence that equine colostrum immune quality can be enhanced through natural feed supplementation is great news for horse breeders!

Indeed, as immunoglobulins do not cross the placenta barrier during gestation, the colostrum is the only source of antibodies for the newborn foal. However, scientists reckon that poor colostrum quality remains the primary cause of immunity transfer failure in horses, leading to important neonatal mortality linked to infections.

Finally, this very promising study correlate with previous studies in sows indicating that this particular live yeast can enhance colostrum immune quality[2]. Moreover, other studies have shown that live yeast Saccharomyces boulardii improved vaccine efficacy in other species, and more and more research supports the benefits of selected probiotics to enhance non-specific immunity.

The French Equine Veterinarian Association (Association Vétérinaire Equine Française- AVEF) was founded in 1965 and gathers over 450 equine vets. Its goal is to offer its members continued medical education programs and to address the issues that patricians are facing in the field. Held every December, the AVEF yearly Congress invites internationally renowned speakers to address scientific issues in equine health.

[1] Y. Le Treut, J.M. Betsch, A. Sacy, E. Chevaux. Effet d'un supplément nutritionnel riche en levures vivantes (Florequin) sur la production d'IgG dans le colostrum de jument. Poster presentation – 41emes Journées Annuelles de l'Association de Vétérinaire Equine Française, 11-13 December 2013, Deauville

[2] Guillou, Sacy, Marchand, Le Treut and Le Dividich – JRP 2012.


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