Feed additives

News last update:14 Jan 2016

Another two Dutch veal farms cleared

The Dutch food safety authority (NVWA) has cleared two more veal calf farms in the Netherlands. The animals received feed that was contaminated with the banned antibiotic furazolidone.

This means that all 97 Dutch pig farms and four Dutch veal calf farms that received the contaminated feed have now been cleared as no traces of the antibiotic was found in the animals.

One veal farm with two locations and a total of 3,500 calves is still blocked. The animals will probably have to be culled, but the farmer is trying to protect this by fighting it in court. Also a dairy farm owned by the same farmer is blocked. If second tests show that the animals are negative, the farm will be cleared.

Over the past weeks, already 2,450 Dutch calves have had to be culled. Some cattle farms in Germany are still blocked as these farms also bought the contaminated feed.

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