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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Biorigin launches new natural feed product

Biorigin have a launched a natural solution for weaning animals, called ProWean which will help with nutrition, intestinal health, and immunity.

Weaning is a critical period in the life of piglets and calves, because the stress caused by the separation from the dam, environment change, and mixing of animals from different lots weakens their immune status. Moreover, the change from a liquid to a solid diet commonly results in enteric problems.

Despite being developed with initial focus on young animals, ProWean is also a supplement for the dry period of cows and sows, particularly for gilts and heifers after first parturition. ProWean is a highly-palatable prebiotic and protein additive, allowing better nutrient utilisation, promoting intestinal health, and strengthening the immune system.

The first trials demonstrated that piglets supplemented with ProWean presented 24% lower incidence of acute diarrhoea and 17% higher weight gain, in addition to a significant increase in the activity of immune cells, compared to a control group.

According to Roberto Vituzzo, Feed Business Global Manager, "ProWean was developed by Biorigin's Research and Development Center to provide one more solution to the animal production industry. ProWean will be initially launched in the US and European markets and soon in the other regions of the world".


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