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News last update:14 Jan 2016

Online tool available to help optimise piglet diets

How can pig nutritionists and formulators use different tool to optimise piglet diets? This newly launched online tool from French company Animine can provide you with the answer.

Animine has just launched ABC4-calculator software. This is a user friendly tool, free of charge: no need to register, no need to download. ABC4 calculator enables to measure the buffer capacity of piglet feeds; it is not adapted to growing pigs. Users can modify as many variables as they want : feed formula, by replacing or adding ingredients; ABC4 values, if they have their own matrix values; and inclusion rates.

Advanced feed manufacturers use in routine the Dietary Electrolytic Balance (DEB) especially for sow feeds. However, the calculation of both DEB and ABC (Acid-Binding Capacity) for piglet diets can help for the improvement of feed intake and growth performance.

The calculator helps you to visualise the contributions of minerals and acidifiers to the buffer capacity of the complete feed, and to better understand negative interactions when formulating piglet diets.

View the ABC-4 online tool here.


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