The goal of the FOCUS newsletter is to provide readers, in approximately 10 minutes, a complete, in-depth update on that specific theme, which is relevant within the animal feed/nutrition industry. Each month their will be a new area of focus - see list below.
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Upcoming FOCUS topics

Gut health
A healthy gut means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. In this Focus newsletter, we delve deeper into the effects of feed ingredients on the gut and how they affect animal health, performance and profitability of the farm.

Enzymes have been added to animal feed since 1980s as the boost economic performance and animal health. The insights on the use of enzymes are changing. Think of superdosing phytase for example and the use of enzymes in fish diets. In this Focus newsletter we share the latest research developments about this important feed ingredient.

The production boost in aquafeed is fuelled by high demand for fish as consumer awareness about the health benefits of eating fish is growing and the global inversing demand for animal protein in general. What are the latest insights in fish feed formulation and ingredients? In this Focus newsletter we share the latest trends.

Mycotoxins remain a significant problem for the animal feed industry. Luckily, more effective strategies are being developed. This Focus newsletter is dedicated to the detrimental effects of mycotoxins from raw materials occurring in animal feed and affecting animals’ performance, how to treat the feeds and the manufacturing and handling of mycotoxin binders.

Feed technology
New feed equipment, new ways of processing and new techniques. What do feed mills need today? In this Focus newsletter, we touch on the way processing techniques influence animal performance and feed quality, hygiene and safety issues and trends relating to more specialized processing of feed (e.g. coating).

Natural ingredients
The use of plant extracts or essential oils in animal diets has increased in popularity since the phasing out of antibiotics in animal feed. Natural ingredients are often powerful substances that can boost immunity, health, growth and fertility. In this Focus newsletter we explain which of these ingredients really work and how these be implemented for different species.

Organic Acids
Organic acids are added to animal diets as a preservative and acidifier. Organic acids can help to preserve the feed by controlling pathogens. As feed acidifier organic acids are used to lower pH in the stomach and to assist in the digestion of feed by the animal. New applications and new insights in how these products behave in the feed and animal are shared in this Focus newsletter.

Young animal feed
Investing in the feeding of young calves, piglets and chickens is very important as it has a huge impact on subsequent performance in later life. In other words, the neonate phase in an animal's life can have a significant effect on growth rate and feed conversion. In this Focus newsletter, we will bring you all the latest developments and insights.

Dairy nutrition and milk efficiency
Dairy farmers around the world have done a great job already in boosting milk efficiency. The role of proper animal feeding is very important to sustain this high level of production. What are the best ways to feed lactating dairy cows, and what to consider when optimising fodder quality and use of by-products? In this Focus newsletter we share some trends.

Micronutritients (vitamins / minerals)
Achieving maximum health and performance of production animals requires nutritionally balanced diets. Important ingredients include the micronutrients (vitamins and minerals). Too much of certain minerals can do harm for the animal and/or environment. What is the best dosage to achieve the maximum results? In this Focus newsletter we share some of the latest vitamin and mineral insights.

Much research has been carried out about the use of yeast in animal production. However, for each animal species, effects can differ. What is the state of research for several animal species and which new insights on yeast are being developed? In this Focus newsletter we delve deeper in to the use of this ingredient in modern animal diets.