News last update:6 Aug 2012

Fruity wine for Australian cows

Australian farmer and meat producer John McLeod is supplying his 60 Wagyu beef cows a local premium wine on request of a client, the famous Japanse chef Akio Yamamoto.

The wine is a mix of the grape varieties cabernet, shiraz en merlot and is mixed in their normal diet with each animal consuming about a litre a day for 60 days. Though the quantity was not enough to make the cows tipsy, it appeared to increase their appetite and calm them.

"The cows tend to eat more than they should so I guess they like the taste," McLeod said. "The anti-oxidant properties that we associate with red wine appear to have an effect on the meat's colour and shelf life, and from the tests we carried out the meat also tastes sweeter."

Wine for cows might be unusual in Europe, Yamamoto's idea is considered quite normal in Japan. Japanse producers of top quality meat are doing everything they can to please the cows, hoping the meat will taste better in the end. Some Japanese producers of Wagyu beef pamper their cows daily with beer, massages and music.

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