News last update:6 Aug 2012

Action against Salmonella in animal feed highly effective

The Dutch measures against Salmonella in animal feed are highly effective. This became apparent after an analysis conducted by PDV (the Dutch Product Board Animal Feed).

The number of contamination cases is significantly lower than in other European countries.
PDV aims to retain the low levels of contamination by more specific but less intensive monitoring.

Drop in cases
Salmonella inspections in the Netherlands are highly intensive, with the annual sample total amounting to 25,000. The number of contamination cases detected dropped significantly over the past few years. In poultry feed, Salmonella incidence decreased to virtually zero, whereas the incidence in animal feed (feedstuffs) hovers between 3.5 and 4%.

Not critical for public health
The PDV analysis further demonstrates that the Salmonella types found are hardly ever the types critical to public health. The type of Salmonella is determined in all samples that test positive for Salmonella. Products with increased risk of Salmonella contamination are subjected to more intensive inspection levels.

PDV intends to relax the inspection regime for feed types with test results that have been favourable for an extended period of time. The condition for this adjustment of inspection levels is for Salmonella incidence to remain at the current low levels. PDV will include additional protocols in its GMP+ certification scheme for processing poultry feed with and without technological processing.

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