News last update:6 Aug 2012

New website tells history of pet food

As Laughing Dog is the only company using traditional manufacturing to produce a baked complete food, it has produced an on-line tutorial to explain how different the food really is.

Using a redesigned website, the company unravels the meaning of commonly used pet food manufacturing jargon. The site explains the key factors that have determined the industry's development since the very first dog food was commercially produced. The site is specific about dates, companies and changes in manufacturing methods to explain the history of pet food full circle.

Oven baked pet food
With the trend in the human food industry towards natural products and the use of 'oven baking' as the new buzz word for snacks and breakfast cereals, Laughing Dog believe its new complete food 'Total Nutrition", which is slow oven baked, has many advantages over fast processed extruded foods.

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