News last update:6 Aug 2012

Ukrainian shift in livestock numbers

The number of pigs in Ukraine on December 1st was 8.05 million, 10.7% more than a year earlier, the State Statistics Committee reported Wednesday.

The numbers of poultry on December 1st was 180.67 billion, an increase of 0.7% compared to last year. The number of cattle in the country on December 1st was 6.67 million million, a fall of 2.63% comared to 2005.

The number of sheep and goats increased by 1.8% on the year to 1.81 million. Currently some 200 new pig farms are being constructed in the country, with the number of pigs expected to increase by 2 million in the course of the year.

In the last few years a number of serious investors entered the pork market and considerable financial resources have been invested in upgrading existing facilities and creating new ones.

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