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Poultry and pigs benefit from fat emulsifier

Energy is one of the most important factors in animal nutrition and feed fats are often added for this purpose. However, young chickens and piglets cannot always deal with high amounts of fats in their diet. Adding biological emulsifiers, cal led phospholipids, might be the solution, says Yuyun Mu.


Dietary supplementation of PLs has proven to be effective in improving fat digestion and nutrient utilisation, and consequently in improving growth performance, particularly in broilers and weaning piglets. Discrepancy in the responses of animals to added PLs is most likely attributed to differences in ages of animals, dietary fat type and level, compositions and levels of added PLs, dietary compositions and nutrient levels. PLs are recommended to be supplemented into feeds for young piglets and chicks, containing a higher level of feed fats/oils, as well as a higher level of saturated fats.

References are available on request.

This information was taken from a presentation at the 15th Annual American Soybean Association International Marketing Southeast Asian Feed Technology and Nutritional Workshop in 2007.

About the Author:
Dr Yuyun Mu received his Masters qualification from Nanjing Agricultural University, China, in 1988, and a PhD from the National University of Singapore in 1999. He served as the academic staff and deputy department head in Anhui Agricultural University, China between 1988 and 1996. Mu has also participated in five research grants funded by the Chinese Government and Singapore Science and Technology Board. Today he is the key investigator of Application Research Project sponsored by Singapore Economic Development Board and has published 10 peer-reviewed journal papers and written more than 50 technical papers and conference proceedings in English and Chinese. He is currently senior technical manager of Berg + Schmidt Asia Pte Ltd., Singapore.

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    can i have the references please? thanks,

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    Hi!I would like to know what quantity of PLs should be included in Broiler finisher feed fed with 3% of crude palm oil.Thanks

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    ravindra shrivastava

    Hi!I would like to know what quantity of PLs/Hydrolised Lecithin should be included in Broiler finisher feed fed with 3-5% of crude Soya oil.

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    can i ask for a copy of the references? thank you. :)

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