News last update:6 Aug 2012

2 new authorisations for live yeast product

BIOSAF Sc 47, the Lesaffre Feed Additives' live yeast, received two new permanent authorisations for use in horses, dairy goats and ewes.

The yeast is already permanently authorised in six different animal species: rabbits, sows, piglets, beef cattle, dairy cows, and fattening lambs.

Recommended dosages
For dairy goats and ewes, the yeast is recommended at the following dose rate: 7.108 – 7.5.109 CFU/kg of complete feedingstuff. By decreasing risks of acidosis, the live yeast improves significantly milk production up to 20%, while milk quality and ability to make cheese are maintained. For horses, the yeast is recommended at the dose rate of 8.108 – 7.109 CFU/kg of complete feedingstuff. The product reduces horses digestive disorders (caecal acidosis), increases their ability to digest fibres, hence improves their welfare.

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