News last update:6 Aug 2012

Pet food supplies stuck at Indian ports

Pet food brands including Iams, Propac, Sportmix and Purina are flying off retail shelves and not getting replaced, as containers with pet food stocks have been stuck at the Mumbai and Chennai ports in India for about six months, an importer said.

This follows the Government's blanket ban on stocks coming from bird-flu-hit countries, he added. Earlier last year, importers brought in products, as the Union Animal Husbandry Ministry directive targeted countries reporting high pathogenic cases. This was later extended to low pathogenic cases too.

No health hazard
Caught in this net are importers including Alliances International, Bharat International, Scientific Remedies and Purina Petcare, part of the Nestle group. The importers have explained to the Centre that pet food is processed at 70 degrees centigrade and does not pose a health hazard, said Ms Payal Bhatia of Alliances.

The importer takes a double hit, because of the value of stocks held up and the penalty he has to pay at the ports. With stocks stuck for six months, the importer pays penalty charges of Rs 8,000 per day, said an importer.

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