News last update:6 Aug 2012

EU extension for new-generation phytase

The European Commission has granted Danisco Animal Nutrition an extension to the approval given to its phytase feed enzyme, Phyzyme XP under EU Regulation 1831/2003.

Liquid and granulate Phyzyme XP is now approved for use in broiler, layer, turkey, duck, sow, piglet and grower/finisher feeds.

Andrea Barletta, Danisco Animal Nutrition's Marketing Director welcomed the news, and commented: "The EU's decision is good news for pig and poultry producers. This is the first phytase approved for use across all the main poultry species, including ducks.

More effective
Trials have shown that this new generation phytase offers superior value compared to traditional phytases, as it is at least 20% more effective in improving the digestibility of phosphorus and other nutrients contained in cereal grains, oil seed meals and their by-products. "Phyzyme XP also reduces phosphorus excretion by more than 30%. This environmental benefit is particularly important during a time when concerns about pollution control are increasingly high on the agenda."

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