News last update:6 Aug 2012

Enhanced feed ban costly for Gencor

To cover the costs of the enhanced feed ban, we need to get some funding from the federal and provincial governments says Brian Anderson, chairman of Gencor Foods Board of Directors.

He says within the next few weeks they will have to start segregating the specified risk materials from cattle, and then will have to get rid of that separately. "And those extra steps won't be cheap", he said. It is estimated the extra cost will be about CAN$25 per head, something Anderson says they can't absorb.

Assist in infrastructure costs
The enhanced feed ban in Canada will take effect July 12 - and means no specified risk material is to end up in animal feed, pet food or fertilizers. Most in the industry say they will need to start following the rules by mid-May in order to flush their system of SRMs.

The government has announced a programme to assist in new infrastructure costs for segregation and transportation of SRMs - which Anderson says is a good first step.

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