News last update:6 Aug 2012

Huvepharma buys Merial coccidiostats

Animal health company Merial in the US has sold its St. Louis blending facility and rights to certain anticoccidial products to Huvepharma.

In addition to the physical facilities, the two companies have also reached agreement for transfer of marketing rights for a number of products manufactured at the site, which are mainly anticoccidials for use in poultry:

  • Amprol® (amprolium) 25% Premix (sold in US and Canada)
  • Amprol 20% soluble powder (sold in US)
  • Amprol 9.6% solution (US and CAN)
  • Amprol Plus (amprolium/ethopabate) (US)
  • Coyden® (clopidol) 25% Premix (US)
  • Nicarb® (nicarbazin) 25% (CAN)

As part of the agreement, Huvepharma will also supply Merial with certain cattle anticoccidial products, which are also manufactured at the site. These products bear the Corid® (amprolium) trademark.

The St. Louis facility employs 20 staff, all of whom are expected to continue under the new management.

Merial and Huvepharma both are global animal health companies. Huvepharma specialises in providing feed additives for animal food producing companies including medicated premixes, enzymes and probiotics.

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