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Shanthi Poultry Farm launches cattle feed

Indian company Shanthi Poultry Farm Limited has launched sale of cattle feed in the states Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

The company used to be into poultry feed since 1990, currently selling about 20,000 tonnes a month. It decided to produce balanced cattle feed as part of its plans to expand business.

Managing Director, R. Lakshmanan, said that the company plans to sell 1,500 tonnes to 2,000 tonnes of cattle feed a month initially in the states Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Marketing will be done through its existing poultry feed sales network.

The balanced cattle feed will be sold under the name of "Shanthi". Niswin Enterprises becomes dealer for Tamil Nadu.

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    we do have an cattle feed company in TRICHY,TAMILNADU,we produce sweetend rice bran(Mixture of molasses and oil extracted ricebran with little amount of salt)and we wanna talk with you about our products so kindly mail us your contact details.
    Thanking you

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