News last update:6 Aug 2012

Victoria dairy farmers approve GM feed

Dairy farmers in Victoria, Australia have voted to support the use of genetically modified feed.

Victoria has Australia's biggest dairy industry. The vote is expected to influence the Victorian Government's review of its current ban on GM crops.

While most delegates supported the move at the United Dairy Farmers conference, some spoke of the lack of research into GM's effects.

Processors sceptic
Dairy companies are still show scepticism about GM products. Ian MacAuley from milk processing company Murray Goulburn says regardless of the vote, the company will continue to use GM free products.

"We will maintain our GM free product range, while recognising that other people wish to have choice to use the technology but we want to present the consumer with a product they want and at the moment there is a reasonable demand for GE free product," he said.

Outside the conference an action group protested against the use of GMOs in Australia.

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